We accept files created in many different programms whether on an Apple Mac or PC.
The ideal way for you to supply a flyer is as either as a jpeg, tiff or PDF format with the resolution set 300dpi.
The file should be supplied in 4 colour (CMYK) format.  If this is not possible we will automatically convert the file when we receive it.

Each side of the flyer should be supplied with 3mm bleed (to allow for gutters and cutting). Within the actual flyer size, all text and logos should be kept at least 3mm away from the edges of the flyer. If you cannot supply the flyer with bleed, we may have to add a border to your flyer.

It is very important that you supply a proof of your job.
We cannot take any responsibility for mistakes in your job if there is no proof supplied.
We need to be able to check your file against your proof


We're able to accept files in the following formats:
Quark Xpress (version 4.1) Please include all fonts used & all images.
Illustrator - please supply as 'EPS' files with all fonts converted to paths/outlines and any imagery embedded in CMYK.
1 and 2 colour work: Please supply in Quark 4.1 or Illustrator using the selected spot pantones.
(For single colour work a greyscale 'tiff' or 'jpeg' will be sufficient, if the colour is then specified to us).

>PC Files
We are happy to accept files supplied from PC programs, but with the multitude of different packages available, we require them to be supplied flattened as tiff, jpeg, eps or pdf files (again in 300 dpi, cmyk if possible with 3 mm bleed on all edges)
PC Quark has many similarities to MAC quark that we use, however there can be issues with fonts and the PC images used, will need resaving as MAC format. For ease of use and to prevent any delays with processing your order, save the page as an EPS and then reopen it in Photoshop to resave it as a high resolution tiff or jpeg.

The way we treat and view the environment impacts heavily on the way we live and work, therefore we feel its important that everyone has the opportunity to share the responsibility of sustaining our environment. Our products are printed on elemental chlorine free paper which is harvested from 100% sustainable forests.